June Meeting – Gail Werner @ The Latvian Center
Jun 21 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

A documentary called Painted Land – In search of the Group of Seven will be shown.

In addition, if time permits, Gail would like to briefly describe traveling into the area (North Shore of Lake Superior) where these pictures were painted.

This group of Canadian artists banded together in a community in 1920 and officially became the Group of Seven.  As it grew and extended its membership and influence, the group chose to paint in locations that would showcase the remote, rugged wilderness of northern Ontario, making both Canadians and those of other countries aware of this special area.  Now, as their iconic works are known to millions, few know much about the lives of the artists and why they chose the locations they painted.  In following the highway along the north shore of Lake Superior, you will pass, if you go most of the way to Thunder Bay, twelve sites that are marked by a reproduction of one of the artist’s paintings, set upon a permanent easel (with a camp stool there to sit on) and a view of the actual subject before you.
This film was the result of a three year search for these sites, made by the team of Michael Burtch, historian, and the writer and photographer team of Gary and Joanie McGuffin,  This is a story of modern day adventure, up mountains, down canyon rivers and over portages as they try to achieve their own personal quest:  to actually ‘walk in the Group of Seven’s footsteps’.

Look for the similarity of  some of these paintings to some of one of our own members!